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The most powerful serverless application monitoring suite–built into Serverless Framework


Monitor Your Entire App

Rich metrics on AWS Lambda & others
Get instant, hyper-detailed metrics on your AWS Lambda functions, like invocations, errors, cold-starts, and more—as well as metrics on the other services AWS Lambda is interacting with, like API Gateway, DynamoDB, Kinesis, etc.
See your whole app via use-case metrics
The Framework analysizes your AWS Lambda event types and auto-configures use-case focused metrics, so you can get a cohesive view of how your app is performing , like API Requests, Queues, Streaming Data, and more.
Across all AWS accounts, regions, etc.
The Framework’s dashboard offers one place for you and your team to view metrics for all Serverless Framework apps, regardless of which AWS account, region or stage that app is in.  No more jumping around AWS consoles!
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The Ultimate Troubleshooting Tool

Query all AWS Lambda
invocations, instantly

The Framework’s Explorer offers rich query capability across every type of AWS Lambda invocation, like error types, timeouts, cold-starts, memory usage, duration, manually captured errors, custom tags, custom metrics—and so much more.  

Oh, and queries happen in under 5 seconds.

Query all API Requests, instantly

The Framework’s Explorer also offers rich query capability across every API request coming from AWS HTTP API and AWS API Gateway.  Search every request by specific API Endpoint, Method, HTTP Status Code, duration, custom tags, customer metrics, and more.

These queries happen in under 5 seconds too!

Automatic spans, logs &
more in every transaction

Rich and detailed information is available for every AWS Lambda invocation and API Request.  Spans are auto-detected so that you can see what happened in your function.  Logs are fetched instantly when viewing any transaction.  

This is a powerful, yet beautiful user experience, that helps you identify important issues, immediately.

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Fast Alerts & Integrations

Alerts for errors, invocations & more
The Framework offers powerful alerts for AWS Lambda, like errors (e.g. AWS Lambda function crashes), new error type detected, timeouts, unusual invocation rates, and more.  All Alerts are generated within 60 seconds.
Zero-configuration required
The Framework analysizes your AWS Lambda functions and auto-configures alerts for you upon your first deploy.  The Framework knows how your app is configured and uses this information to set up the most critical alerts for you.
Integrates with your other tools
Alerts can be configured to be sent into Slack, your email addresses, as well as webhooks so that you can write serverless functions to do anything you’d like with them.
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See full architecture diagrams with time-to-market estimates for use cases.

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