Premium support

Our support covers support for Serverless Framework, Serverless Framework Plugins, and general serverless architecture support on Amazon Web Services.

We'll cover almost any question, including questions about specific infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Fargate), your architecture, best practices, workflow and CI/CD configuration, team collaboration and access management, and more.

Everyone assigned to you is a trained serverless architecture practitioner.  We attract and hire the best serverless engineers in the world.

Architectural Review
Every support agreement starts with a 2 hour architectural review between your team and our dedicated support representative and product leaders.

The goal of the review is to identify and optimize patterns across your serverless use-cases and workflows, and make those easier to repeat to increase productivity and guidance for your team.

We'll also answer general architectural and workflow questions, and discuss best practices.
Dediated Slack Channel
Every support agreement gets a dedicated Slack channel which we staff with a dedicated support representative and some of our product leaders.

This is a great forum for getting into detailed conversations on best practices or support inquiries. Our response rate is typically faster here than anywhere else.
Street-wise experts & SLA
We only hire real-world serverless architecture practitioners, largely from our open-source communities, and offer honest advice unbiased from any cloud vendor. We bring the street-smarts, so you can make the right decisions.

We offer a 24 hour response time SLA. Though, our internal analytics show our typical response time is within 45 minutes.

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