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Chat, debug and review architecture with AWS serverless specialists, all via chat.
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Serverless AWS
Our support offering covers general questions and best practices for these AWS serverless infrastructure services: AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway V1 & V2, AWS CloudFormation and AWS EventBridge, and their development, deployment, observability & security,
Serverless Framework
General questions, best practices and debugging for Serverless Framework and Serverless Framework Plugins are also included.
Architectural Reviews
Architectural reviews are included in support as well. We'll recommend serverless AWS integration patterns, infrastructure configurations and generally how to architect projects for rapid development, scaling logic and scaling collaborators.
Ticketless Chat
Debugging and architectural discussions are fluid, so we offer support via chat in a Slack Connect room or a Microsoft Teams Guest Room shared between your team and ours. This makes it easier to share files, code examples and deep dive into architecture and code.



The Support Plan charges hourly. There is a monthly recurring fee for the Support Plan with a price of $250 USD, which includes a minimum number of support hours (5). This is charged at the beginning of the calendar month and you can cancel at any time. When a Customer exceeds the minimum number of support hours, they will be charged at the hourly rate of $80 USD, which they are billed for at the beginning of the following month.

All terms of our Premium Support offering can be found here.

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